CloudAround v1.2.0 Released with Beautiful New UI and Much More

CloudAround Album View Blink 182

We’ve had hundreds of email requests that have really driven the direction of what settings have been added, the colors/screens/use of the UI, the types of clouds that we support, and even the occasional bug or two. With version 1.2.0 we have delivered a beautiful new interface with loads of new features.

All New Settings Section:

  • Caching limits
  • Cache Clearing
  • Ability to toggle hiding duplicates
  • Force album/artist art scan
  • Wifi download only settings
  • Artist art download quality
  • Completely new beautiful UI based on user feedback

Default Background Images

If artist art is not enabled or found for a particular artist, we have delivered a smooth, non-intrusive background art to spice up the look.

Default Album Art Covers

The border around the album art isn’t an error, it’s a CD case. For those that don’t remember, these are what used to hold the CD’s that music was played from.

New Mini Player

We have wanted this from the very beginning but haven’t have the right design for it. This mini player allows users to see the album art, song information, song progress as well as control the playback of the currently playing song.

Enhanced for Tablet Sized Interfaces

That’s right, you can now stream Dropbox at the party on the big screen and be the coolest party host. You can even use the new settings menu to download HD artist images to get an even more crisp interface!

Landscape AND Portrait Displays

Now all of the pages (even the player page) support both Landscape and Portrait viewing. Previously, playing music on a landscape dock, or from a tablet was really annoying.

Artist Image Backgrounds

Why not make CloudAround more interactive by displaying background artist art while playing or browsing your music? You can even change the quality size, set theme to randomly display, or even turn off this setting.

Cleaned Up The Mess

We found quiet a few memory hogs in previous versions. We have since cleaned this up and put the power back into the users hands. This will increase battery life, meaning our users can use CloudAround longer. We especially improved the time and reliability of syncing for massive Dropbox accounts. Thanks to our 100GB users for helping us fix this.

Ability to Hide/Unhide Artists/Albums/Songs

A lot of the time you use your cloud account to backup your entire computer. That means CloudAround will sometimes pick up a lot of music files that you’ll never want to see or listen to. Now you can hide those song, albums, or artists simply by long clicking on it. You can always show them again in your settings, as CloudAround will not alter you actual songs.

Ability to Hide Duplicates

No other cloud music players on Android do this, but we have enabled users to decide if they want CloudAround to intelligently hide duplicate songs if they are found after syncing. This is especially helpful when adding multiple cloud accounts in which you have dupicated backups. This can always be turned back off if the users wants to see everything again.

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