Box as a Music Service added: Get Free 50GB Accounts

You talked and we listened. We have loads of users using Dropbox as their main storage cloud, but due to recent promotions of Box, we had been getting a surprising amount of requests to add Box integration into CloudAround. This year(as well as some of last), Box’s Android users have been allowed  to upgrade to a free 50GB account for life for free and have increased file upload limits to 100MB by simply logging into the Box app on an Android device.  According to Box, Xperia or LG Android devices can take advantage of the 50GB storage until the end of the year. We did some research to see why Box would be requested so much and price per feature was really impressive based on the competition. Some examples are that 50GB on Amazon Cloud Player costs $50, 40GB  on mSpot costs about $48, and 50GB on Dropbox costs $99 annually.  Box has the most attractive price; Free.

In this release we also added a few other highly desired features as well as bug fixes. They include:

  • album/artist addition to playlists
  • ability to play all songs from a particular artist
  • Last.FM integration for scrobbling support
  • social sharing of currently playing songs
  • improved sync reliability.
  • memory issues on accounts with hundreds of album art fixed

We would like to thank all of our beta testers from Twitter, Google+, direct emails and Facebook for helping us get Box out the door and on the market to end users.  We had a lot of testing to do and our beta users were able to help us pin down some rogue bugs.  If you helped out and would like a free upgrade to the ad free version, just download the premium version on Google Play and let us know via email we will refund your money.

CloudAround plans to add support for several more clouds, but do not currently have release dates set. For release dates, and everything else CloudAround, follow on Twitter(@CloudAroundApp).

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