Version 1.2.4 Released

On July 12th, we released quite a few changes, mostly focused on bug fixing and speed.  After you update to the newest version and sync an account, you will notice we now give better insight as to what is going on at that moment in the sync process.  Previously, we didn’t tell users anything.  All they would know is that there is something maybe going on in the background.  For users with 100GB accounts, sometimes the sync can take a while and give the end user the feeling that their account is not syncing.  Well that was the old way of doing things.  Now we give feedback about how many files have been found, and how many have been synced to your device.  We think this insight will put our users at ease knowing it is actually finding all of the supported music on their account.  We currently only support MP3 files in the cloud, however support any file format Android accepts for local media.  Stay tuned for more file formats becoming available in the cloud.

Not only will you notice an improved UI during the sync process, but we completely re-engineer and optimized the syncing process.  You should notice much faster syncs(often times up to 50% faster).  We are really pround of this and continue to monitor the performance of the syncing engine.

One of the long awaiting features our users have requested is a widget.  Well, now we have one.  We wanted to keep the first version fairly basic since there are quiet a few things that can go wrong with having a widget in charge of so much backend material.  We currently only have given our users access to a 4×1 sized widget, however we are working on a porfolio of different sizes and themes.  Several users have dropped our rating on Google Play because we were missing a widget, so hopefully those users are now pleased.

Finally, we fixed several device specific bugs.  One of the biggest ones our users were not happy about was updating accounts on Box.  We have fixed this bug and it is ready to rock.  We apologize that it had taken this long and we will continue to get on them faster.  In addition to fixing the Box updating bug, there was another nasty bug where some tablet Honeycomb users were not able to add Box accounts without getting a force close.  We have also fixed this one.  There were several device specific bugs that did not pop up often, but often enough for our concern.  We have patched them up and will continue to test our own product as well as gather feedback from our users to remain as stable as possible while still pushing our cloud music service to the max.

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