mSpot bought by Samsung – Closing Down Oct 15th

As you all might know mSpot was acquired by Samsung back in may this year. As they have become more focused on their dedication time MusicHub, they have decided to shut the mSpot doors for good on October 15th.  We wish the best for Daren Tsui, his team, as well as Samsung.

Many users will decide to migrate onto MusicHub but there are a large percentage of users who will be looking for cloud alternatives. Trends show that most users are pushing all of their music to the cloud, and there are several ways to do this such  as to use a storage service like Dropbox or Box that supports desktop sync or multi-file upload interfaces such as Windows Skydrive. Most of the clouds supported by CloudAround have a free tier as well as premium options. When other cloud players boast about free storage, we simply reply “we have more and will provide a faster and better experience”.  Our users have the ability to add multiple free tiers together which makes CloudAround that much more powerful.

We want to be able to give our users choice and avoid a cloud storage lock-in. Afterall, who has time to waste reuploading 5000 songs to a cloud provider because they raised pricing or lost data?  Our partnerships allow users to simply type in their API keys or login credentials and CloudAround does the hard work of syncing that data faster than anyone in an beautiful interface that remains intuitive with extensive user testing.

CloudAround is free of charge with no recurring fees. Supporting CloudAround by purchasing the premium version enables you to add as many accounts as you want as well as removing all ads. It will also provide our users more premium features as they are rolled out to production.

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