CloudAround Officially Partners with SugarSync

Due to high demand of our users wanting SugarSync as a storage platform for CloudAround, we quickly began to consider the possilibilty.  After assessing SugarSync’s platforms and APIs we began to work on a SugarSync prototype.  You can find our official SugarSync partnership mentioned in the banner of SugarSync’s partner page at


How much is SugarSync integration to CloudAround?

Currently, we do not charge for SugarSync integration.  Our free version of CloudAround offers one free cloud.  If you would like to have multiple clouds, you will need to purchase the premium version, but hey, we are not charging much – just a one time $1.99 cost.


What does this partnership mean?

We will be working closely with SugarSync to improve our offering for our users.  When we run into issues, we will be sure to address them from a partnership angle rather than a support angle.  We already dedicate quite a lot of time to supporting our other partner’s application integration, providing feedback to them, and referring more users to move to the cloud.


Why SugarSync?

First off, you are getting 5GB of free storage – who can complain about that?  SugarSync has enough faith in it’s cloud offering to take such a large storage tier and offer it for free, competing directly with Google Drive.  You have access to all of your data all of the time with offline file access.  SugarSync really cares about having their files integrated across all of the major platforms and they have great followers to prove it.  They have been around for over 4 years and continue to gain popularity in the cloud world as well as locking down impressive partnerships with giants such as Best Buy, Lenovo, and San Disk. SugarSync provides a great feature comparison that will topple any doubts  you may have in moving over to them –  If you aren’t a believer, give us a tweet @CloudAroundApp and let us know why.



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