Version 1.7.2 Released!

A few weeks ago we released version 1.7.0 which added a much needed update to the interface.  In that version we added better tab navigation, swipe gestures, better search, and more filtering options.  Along with this we added a better Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) feel to the app.

Well building on top of that, today we have released version 1.7.2!  In this newest version we had added support for the very widely requested cloud service MegaCloud.  We have also added the ability to reorder playlists, as well as long press menu options for the search and folders tabs with the following options:

  • Added long-press menu for Search
    • Add all search results to playlist
    • Download song
    • Rename song
    • Hide song
    • Add song to new or existing playlist
  • Added long-press menu for Folders tab
    • Download folder/song
    • Hide folder/song
    • Rename folder/song (if not local folder)
    • Add folder/song to new or existing playlist

These have all be very highly requested features, so we hope you enjoy them!

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