Questions about CloudAround? Read our FAQ to find our most commonly asked questions.  If you don’t find your answer here, you can always email us at feedback@cloudaround.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why are some songs marked as ‘Unknown’ even though the full id3 information is available?

When we are searching for the id3 information, we only scan a small portion of the file.  Some id3 tags include the album art, which creates a very long id3 tag.  For efficiency and to maintain a fast sync process, the full id3 tag is not always read and therefore the song will be marked as Unknown.  We are working on ways to improve this process to make this process as efficient and accurate for all users.

Why does my sync take so long?

There are many API calls required to scan large and complex folder structures.  Because of this, the more folders you have within the sync, the longer your sync will take.  Syncs should not take more than a couple of minutes for a cloud with a couple thousands songs in it with minimal folders.  As of 1.5.0 we release a feature called selective sync.  This will allow you to choose the root folder of your cloud sync.   To update this endpoint, simply go to the account settings within the app, and ‘Update Credentials’.

Only my mp3 and m4a files are found, is support for other file formats coming?

Yes.  We are planning on supporting more file formats over the next few months.

Why wont certain songs play?

If the song is detected and shown within CloudAround, it should play without any issues.  If you are having trouble, make sure you have a good connection or try connecting to a wifi network.  You can also try clearing the song cache through the CloudAround settings.  Sometimes syncs do have issues communicating to devices with high packetloss on poor connections.  The best option is to re-sync on a good connection.

 Do you support Google Music?

No, we do not support Google Music but we do support Google Drive.  Google Music does not provide any official way for us to pull user data from their servers.  We would love to add support for this but unfortunately Google will not allow it.

Do you support Amazon Cloud Player?

No, we do not support Amazon Cloud Player but we do support Amazon S3.  Amazon Cloud Player does not provide any official way for us to pull user data from their servers.  We would love to add support for this but unfortunately Amazon will not allow it.

Can I import my own playlists?

At this time you can not import your own playlists.  One of our top to-do items is to revamp the playlists section to make it easier to add songs to playlists and use other playlists as well.  We do not have a current date set for this.

Will you be adding _____?

We are always working on improving and adding more features to CloudAround.  Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to give exact dates when certain new features will be released…but dont worry, we’re working on it.

I have a “force close”!

We are constantly working to battle muti-device capability and fragmentation amongst various different versions of Android.  Please submit your email address in the force close report when prompted to help us assist in resolving any bugs.

I have another issue.

Email us at feedback@cloudaround.com