Known Bugs

We felt it was very important to be transparent with all of our users, free and paid, to let them know about the bugs and possible errors from CloudAround.  At this time, we are exclusively on the Android platform, so it’s safe to assume these are for Android.

  • Dropbox web authentication is erroring on some Samsung, LG, and HTC devices.  In the meantime, you will need to use the native Dropbox authentication until we can figure this out.  We see this as critical.
  • You can currently only add one SkyDrive account.
  • The Galaxy Note 2 is having issues streaming. If you would like to donate or loan a Note 2 for us so we can fix it, it would be most appreciated!
If you know more than what we have listed, please email us at and let us know you’re device, OS version, and explanation of the situation.  We will get back to you very soon.